Stay Safe. Stay Connected. 

With Vodia, you can stay connected no matter where you work from. 

With the future aiming towards an accelerating trend in people working from home, rest assured that you and your coworkers can seamlessly stay connected using Vodia.  2020 has thrown us all a curveball, but you can hit a grandslam by utilizing Vodia’s innovative phone system.  Not only do we have a robust set of features for our pbx, but Vodia is completely proprietary and built from the ground up.  Additionally, you can take advantage of the multitude of integrations we offer, including but not limited to: MS Teams, Freshbooks, Zoho, HubSpot, and Salesforce.  Did we mention that we have Android and IOS mobile apps? SMS? True Multi Tenancy? Call us now!






True Multi-Tenant PBX

Vodia Multi-tenant Cloud PBX is a carrier-grade phone system for telephony cloud deployments. Easily create multiple tenants, called domains. Connect your existing SIP hardware devices and register to your favorite SIP trunk provider by using our pre-configured SIP trunk templates. . It's easy to deploy the Vodia multi-tenant  PBX, all you need is a routable public IP address and a virtual machine.





Deploy Vodia Apps for your subscribers

Vodia Phone Apps is a free add-on for your Vodia PBX that lets you connect to your account on your Vodia PBX. The Vodia Phone app offers a simple and intuitive user interface that puts your contacts and individual call history at your fingertips while providing a rich user presence. Vodia Android App is based on the WebRTC technology, you can place VoIP calls over WiFi or 5G at no cost, with a rich audio quality for a superior mobile VoIP experience.






Keep your existing IP phones

Vodia multi-tenant PBX is compatible with the best IP phones in the industry. Reigster multiple identities on your IP phone. Create button template for all your phones, or let Vodia detect the phone vendor for you. Enjoy our built in RPS sytsem to make provisioning simple for deployments. Create park orbits, BLF, Group pickup and much much more! 






Keep your existing SIP trunks

If your coming from another PBX systems and you want to continue using your favorite SIP trunk providers, then Vodia has you covered with an assortment of SIP trunk template you can use for your depoyment, simply enter the trunks credential in our template and Vodia will do the rest. Dont' see your SIP trunks provider? send us line we love to help.



Meticulously groomed for more than 15 years

The Vodia PBX today offers an unprecedented number of productivity features on a platform designed for 24/7 operation in today's IT environments.


PBX Features

Call Features

Mobile Apps


Vodia Teams Collaboration

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Vodia API

We provide an interface to integrate with the following software:

FreshBoos - cloud accounting
Office 365

Thousands of companies worldwide rely on our software for their unified communications needs.

Arlington Hotel
Chicago Public Schools
Finz Seafood & Grill
Five Guys - Burgers and Fries
MOOYAH Burgers, Fries and Shakes
The Salvation Army

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  • Using our whitelabelling options to promote your and your customers brands

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