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About Vodia Networks

The history of Vodia Networks goes back to the year 2005, when pbxnsip Inc. came out with its first software based IP-PBX product. In 2010, snom technology; a global IP handset manufacturer acquired and integrated the pbxnsip product into its product portfolio and rebranded it as snom ONE. In 2012, the IP-PBX product line of snom technology was spun-off into Vodia Networks to have the company focus on the PBX business independently.

Today Vodia Networks is a global provider of IP-PBX and call center software for the enterprise and service provider segment. Vodia's award winning PBX software includes the most complete suite of business telephony features for on-premise and cloud based telephony systems and services. The operating system independence of Vodia PBX means the ultimate freedom to choose Windows, Linux or Mac systems as the underlying platform. Fully complaint to the SIP industry standard, Vodia PBX software is able to integrate a large number of SIP based devices and trunking providers enabling businesses to enjoy the ultimate freedom of choice in owning and managing their phone system.

In addition to Vodia's highly rated premise-based IP phone system with unified communications and contact center capabilities, Vodia Networks also offers its multi-tenant PBX software to service providers and hosting companies as a turnkey solution for cloud hosting (SaaS). Complete with unified communications and contact center capabilities, Vodia software guarantees a secure and reliable telephony experience for businesses of all sizes.

Vodia Networks is based in Woburn, Massachusetts with a global network of regional resellers and partners in North America, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, India, Russia and Singapore.

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