Supported phones


You don't have to purchase all of your components for your telephone infrastructure from the same vendor. Interoperability has come a long way, but today you have a great choice on all sorts of devices that work well together. This page shows you which devices have been integrated with the PBX.

Desktop and conference phones

PhoneProvisioning1LAN Provisioning2Zero-Touch3Encryption4Buttons5SIP Interop
CP-6841 CP-6851 CP-7821 CP-7841 CP-7861 CP-8841 CP-8851 CP-8861 CP-8865
SPA112 SPA190 SPA501 SPA502 SPA504 SPA508 SPA509 SPA512 SPA514 SPA525
VVX101 VVX150 VVX201 VVX250 VVX300 VVX301 VVX310 VVX311 VVX350 VVX400 VVX401 VVX410 VVX411 VVX450 VVX500 VVX501 VVX600
SPIP300 SPIP301 SPIP320 SPIP321 SPIP330 SPIP331 SPIP335 SPIP430 SPIP450 SPIP500 SPIP501 SPIP550 SPIP560 SPIP600 SPIP601 SPIP650 SPIP670 SSIP4000 SSIP5000 SSIP6000 SSIP7000
TRIO8500 TRIO8800
T19P T20P T21P T22P T23G T23P T26P T27G T27P T28P T29G T30 T30P T31 T31P T31G T32G T33G T33P T38GT40G T40P T41P T41S T41U T42G T42S T42U T43U T46G T46S T46U T48GT48S T48U T49G T52S T53 T53W T54S T54W T56 T57W T58 VP59
W41P W52P W53P W56P W60B W60P W80B W90DM
CP960 CP920
snom 120 300 305 315 320 335 345 360 370 375 385 710 712 715 717 720 725 735 745 760 765 785 820 821 870
snom MP PA1
Maxwell 2, 3, 4, Basic
GAC2500 GDS3710 GRP2612 GRP2612P GRP2612W GRP2613GRP2614 GRP2615 GRP2616 GXP1100 GXP1105 GXP1160 GXP1165 GXP1400GXP1405 GXP1450 GXP1610 GXP1615 GXP1620 GXP1625 GXP1628 GXP1630GXP1760 GXP1780 GXP1782 GXP2100 GXP2110 GXP2120 GXP2124 GXP2130GXP2135 GXP2140 GXP2160 GXP2170 GXP2200 GXV3140 GXV3175 GXV3240GXV3275 GXV3370 GXV3380 GXW4004 GXW4008 GXW4104 GXW4108 GXW4216GXW4224 GXW4232 GXW4248 GXV3350
SIP Paging Server, SIP Speaker, SIP Outdoor Horn
IP251G IP2115G IP2215G IP301G IP701G IP901G IP1550 IP1850
VH02 VH03 VH05
605 635 685 S2211
VCS754 (Conference Phone)
Alcatel Lucent Enterprise
8008-CE 8008G-CE 8018G-CE 8058S-CE 8068S-CE 8078S-CE M3 M5 M7
57i 6757i
KX-UT113 KX-UT123 KX-UT133 KX-UT136 KX-UT248 KX-UT670 KX-UTG200B KX-UTG300B
X1S X1SP X2 X2P X3S X3SP X3G X3U X4S X4G X4U X5S X6 X7 X7C X210 X4 X5 X5U
UC902 UC903 UC912 UC923 UC924 UC924E UC926 UC926E UC912G
SP-R63G, SP-R50P, SP-R52P, SP-R53P, SP-R55G, SP-R59G, SP-R67G
6863i, 6865i, 6867i, 6869i, 6873i
J169 J179
Hotel Phone

Cordless Phones

DeviceProvisioning1LAN Provisioning2Zero-Touch3Encryption4SIP Interop
snom M9
snom M100KLE, M200SC, M300, M400SC, M700, M900
Gigaset N510
VTech VSP600
Grandstream DP715 DP750 DP752
Yealink W41P W52P W53P W56P W60B W60P W80B

Analog Terminal adapter

DeviceProvisioning1LAN Provisioning2Zero-Touch3Encryption4SIP Interop
Cisco SPA112 SPA119
Grandstream HT502 HT503 HT701 HT702 HT801 HT802 HT812HT814 HT818
Other Devices
CyberData SIP Speaker, SIP Paging Server, SIP Outdoor Horn
snom PA1
Grandstream GXW4004, GXW4008, GXW4104, GXW4108, GXW4216, GXW4224, GXW4232, GXW4248

FXO/FXS Gateways


1 Provisioning means the phone will receive all its settings, like registration infomation, buttons if available and other settings from the PBX. The phone has to be directed towards the PBX for provisioning.
2 LAN provisioning means that the PBX detects a phone that is plugged into the LAN and lists it in the web interface, so that the administrator can assign it to a domain and extension.
3 Zero-touch requires that you have an account with the vendor for redirecting calls from their redirection service.
4 Encryption means that the phones are using TLS and SRTP to the PBX. Call recording and other features like call barge in on the PBX will work. Other encryption mechanisms like ZRTP may also be available. Please note that for Yealink, Grandstream and Cisco SPA, encryption is not on through provisioning, although you may do it manually.
5 Buttons means provisioning of the phone buttons (like BLF etc.) when available. Some phone models may have changed the way their buttons function in new versions and may not be compatible but we generally try to adapt to keep them compatible.