Vodia Apps For your PBX

You have options...

VoIP has arrived in your smart phone.

All major operating systems today support VoIP in one or another form. The Vodia PBX takes advantage of that and turns mobile phones, laptops, tablets and PC into VoIP clients that employees can use for their everyday communication needs. Interoperability is no problem any more, because both the client and the server come from Vodia.

The Vodia softphones can be used in parallel to VoIP devices such as desktop phones and DECT handsets, giving users more choice where to pick up calls than ever.

The Vodia softphones can be installed in the client devices without additional licensing. This makes it easy to roll them out in organizations, even if employees use their own devices. Data like call records, text messages and address book entries are not stored in the client device. If an employee should leave the company, the data stays on the PBX.


The Android client is available from the Google play store. It runs on all major Android systems. It supports calling, putting calls on hold and transferring calls.

Users can text from the Android app. This is useful in environments where employees act as agents, for example in real estate companies or restaurants. The conversation can be continued with another account, for example if the shift is over and somebody else can serve customers.


Users can set basic settings through the app. They can set their do-not-disturb status.

If needed, customers can use their own wake-up server. By default, Vodia provides the interface to the Google push server that will wake the app up in the case of an incoming call.

Pairing is done using QR codes. The user can scan the code either from the user front end page or from the domain admin page. The administrator can also send an email with the code in it, or can print out the codes for the domain and distribute the codes on paper.


The iOS app runs the Vodia soft phone on Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). The app shows the extensions of the domain, their DND status and if they are in a call. Users can change their own DND status and control some basic settings like how to sort the extension list from the app.

The app provides basic calling features, including entering DTMF codes and muting the microphone (for example, in conference calls).


Users can use the local address book of the phone to dial numbers. The call history is visible in the app and users can mark records as invisible if needed.

The PBX sends a VoIP push notification through either a Vodia-provided default server or a custom server to the Apple server. This makes sure that users can receive phone calls even if the app was not used for a long time, without consuming battery power. 

Like with the Android app, pairing is done using the camera of the client device. This makes sure that the necessary credentials are passed in an easy and secure way.

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Web Browser

Users can use the PBX also through a standard web browser. This avoids the need to install an app. 

Users can use the browser not only to make and receive calls and text like in the Windows app, they can also use this app to change settings, schedule conference calls or set the buttons of their phones. If users use Google email accounts and the domain has been enabled to allow the Google login, users can login without a password.


The Microsoft Windows client is a standalone version of the user front end. It runs the web front end as an application, so that it can be automatically started after logging in and continues running while the user is logged in.

Because it is based on the web front end, it comes with all the features of the front end. This includes making and receiving phone calls, putting calls on hold and transferring calls. This makes it ideal as an application for front desk and call center agents that have to deal with a lot of calls during the day. Especially when using a good headset, voice quality can be as good or even better compared to a desktop phone.

The Windows app is the best choice for texting. If the PBX was set up to send and receive SMS and MMS messages, this makes it very efficient to communicate with clients. If needed, users can switch between voice and text while maintaining the communication history with the clients.

Need a Vodia PBX? Receive a free Vodia license when you sign-up for a free trial.