Vodia Multi-Tenant PBX

Provide PBX service for others using the Vodia Multi-Tenant PBX

If you are good at operating servers in the cloud, why not provide telephone service for others? This lets them focus on their business, it provides you with a revenue stream and it keeps you in touch with your customers. You don't need your own data center to provide great service. The Vodia PBX is easier to run as a hosted PBX than you might think. Several hundred MSPs around the world trust Vodia to provide reliable voice communication services to their customers.

Simple Price Model

Cloud service is about simplicity. The Vodia PBX pricing model is simple and scales with the revenues that you make as a managed services provider. Vodia does not charge upfront costs and calculates the license cost based on metered data. When your business is growing so is ours.

Turn your customers into subscribers

Stop giving away your leads to other companies. With Vodia you keep your relationships with your customers and the revenues that come from servicing them. Building up healthy long term relationships builds up value for you and your customers.

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Establish your brand

Vodia puts your company into the spotlight. With the option to promote your brand on the user interface, phones and app, you control your customers perception of your brand.

Choice of phones and trunks


Key Benefits

The Vodia PBX was already built many years ago for multiple tenants. Over the years it has matured into a solution that is ideal for IT professionals that want to offer hosted PBX to their clients.

More about the PBX cloud

We have a short brochure for you which will tell you more about the Vodia hosted PBX. To learn more please contact our sales team at sales@vodia.com, we are happy to tell you more.


You don't have to be a rocket scientist to set up your own hosted PBX services. A simple server in the internet can be your ticket into the cloud business. We are making it easy for you to run your own operations.

Business Model

Join the business model of providing services to your clients instead of just reselling them products. This reduces the investments for the client and builds up a revenue stream for you that you can rely on.