Why become a Partner?

Why join the Vodia Partner Program?

Vodia is a forward thinking company focused on not simply competing with other PBX offerings, but on innovating the industry and making our competitors irrelevant. Our products and services lead the VoIP community in dependability, competence, and rich feature offerings. Additionally, our commission structure is simple, straightforward, and generous. Plus, as you move up in partner level status, you will make more margin, increasing your own bottom line. Vodia is committed to supporting it’s partners properly, and so once you reach Elite partner level status, we also place your logo and contact information on our website so that you can generate hot leads effortlessly!

Customer retention

We have been in business for well over a decade, and our customer retention rate is floating around 98%. With our superior product and full feature set, wow your customers and give them something valuable that they can rely on: the ability to communicate clearly and effectively so that their businesses thrive too!

Vodia Free Support Included

Vodia is committed to serving our partners and distributors especially during times when support is needed.  We understand that each user has different needs and that unique circumstances have a way of requiring a bit more attention and assistance.  You can rest assured that we are not only here for you, but that we do not charge extra for this service!

We don’t change the channel

Our business model is focused on supporting our dedicated channel partners. It is because of them that we have been so successful year over year. You can trust in us that we do not compete with our partners. By working together with our valued partners, we find that we create the facility to multiply everyone’s successes. This will not change.

Rain is good, and we help you make it!

What happens when you combine Vodia’s strong product offering, our generous commission structure, and your ability to sell? It creates the opportunity for you to make as much money as you want! Sell add-on products and services to increase your bottom line while providing your clients with valuable tools to increase their efficiency. This is where things begin to compound, because when you take the growing subscriptions you sell, and apply the fact that our customer retention is so solid, you will see a quickly growing recurring revenue that can carry you to financial freedom!