...and absolute freedom!

Bring your own trunks

with Vodia, you are not locked into one particular SIP trunk provider. You can choose the carrier that you want to work with. If they’re not already on our list of approved SIP providers, then we will interop with them to ensure that they work cleanly with the PBX

Bring your own desktop phones

With all the top quality SIP phones out there, it would be a shame to be forced into using a phone that you don’t love. With Vodia, you choose the SIP phones to use on your system, and if you prefer, you can even mix multiple brands (Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Htek, Fanvil, and more..) on the same system

Bring Your own providers

White Labeling - put your brand all over this PBX - admin web portal, user portal, and phones can all be white labelled so your customers only see your company as the PBX provider.