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Vodia News: Hangout with Hamlet (Take 2)

Date: 9/19/2015

Our last hangup was a flop. Working in the high-tech communications area, it was embarrassing that we did not get this working properly. But after some research we have found the flag that needed to be turned on, so that everybody can join the conversation. Seems like not only Vodia has best kept secrets! Anyway, Hamlet did a couple of rehearsals, and we feel confident that the second attempt will work. So here we go again:

Mobility remains to be one of the major topics these days. The cell phone has changed everybody's life. This email has a new format, simply because many of you are reading this on their mobile phone now!

On of the best kept secrets is that the Vodia PBX addressed cell phones from the early beginning when it was still called pbxnsip (which is now ten years ago). Cell phones can be treated in many ways like extensions; they can participate in agent groups and they can be used to make outbound calls from the PBX, keeping the caller-ID of the office not the cell phone. This all works over regular cell phone TDM connection; in other words the quality of service does not depend on the IP connectivity and there is no need to run a softphone on the mobile device.

Hang out with Hamlet this week and chat about this. This will help you understand better how you can stay connected with the PBX while on the road, and tell your colleagues, partners and customers about this. It will be next Friday, October 23, at 10:30 AM US East Coast time zone. Just click the link to join or send us an email if you need help.


Your Vodia Team

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