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Vodia News: Software Updates

Date: 8/28/2015

Since the introduction of our Vodia Networks version 5 software some three years ago we have been enthused by the uptake of the product both as an on premise and hosted product. We are very confident that our Vodia PBX really meets the market demands for a full featured IPPBX required in today's dynamic communications environment. The platform has allowed us to build on the frame work started years ago, which now included full WebRTC use, integration of 3rd party products for Call Analytics, call accounting and others. Vodia Networks also boasts a great UC offering with presence and other features coming soon that we are currently working on.

Our original plan was to have major software releases every two years, in line with many of the PC software packages and industry standards. However, we have found that the product is very reliable making a new version less ideal.

Moving forward, we have decided to implement a yearly software maintenance fee. This will not affect the operation of the existing systems, but as new firmware is introduced only customers who have opted for and paid the annual fee will be eligible for the upgrades. This is fully in-line with industry standards and allows us to build new features at a faster pace.

The changes only affect software updates so the impact to users and the channels is not really going to be very evident.

We are proposing the following:

  • A number of support tickets will be included with each plan. The number of tickets will depend on the bundle and they can be used while that plan is active.
  • Software updates purchased after 1st October 2015 will come with one year of upgrades. The maintenance fee will include a number of support tickets that will be valid for the maintenance period only.
  • Bundles that have been purchased before 30th September 2015 will include a two year maintenance plan. However, there will be no support tickets included.
  • Add-on items or Off the Cart items do not affect the maintenance. They do not extend the maintenance period, but their incremental value will affect renewal after 1 year.
  • Software maintenance plans can be purchased through the www.vodia.com portal. All reseller discounts will be applied when resellers apply for these on line.
  • All hosted PBX come standard with software maintenance and are not affected by the above.

The Vodia Networks platform has already become an industry standard and as we build the applications to offer you our valued clients an expanding feature rich system we look forward to working with you all.


Your Vodia Team

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