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Vodia News: Android App 1.1

Date: 6/4/2015

A few weeks ago we have release our first Android app. This was an exciting moment for us, as we are coming more from the server side and the App programming environment is quite different from that.

There is an old saying in the computer world saying never install version 1.0. So we were quick coming out with a new version 1.1, which fixes a couple of things that we have found. Those who are a little bit more careful will take the opportunity to give 1.1 a try. From the release notes:

  • Now the app is a service, which is optional, will keep the app alive instead of Android killing it after some time.
  • Since this service could be a strain on the battery, it is provided as an option on startup screen. When you press, Run in Background, the service will run and keep the app alive, and a Vodia icon in the notification (which is how Android designed it) confirms that. When you press Stop in Background, the service will stop, the notification will disappear and the activity can now be killed by Android at any time when it's not used.
  • Local contacts can now be accessed in contacts, where you can switch between local and PBX contacts.
  • During a call, an option is now provided, whether you want to make a WebRTC call or a call from your desktop VoIP phone (which must have the same account as you logged in to the app with). It can be very useful when you want to call someone using your desktop phone but the number is in your mobile phone contacts. Simply go to the app, use the local contacts to dial the number from the desktop phone. This option however will work with the latest PBX.
  • Re-connection of app to the PBX has been enhanced, available with the PBX update. With this, even if you lose your WiFi or 3G connection, when you get it back, the app will reconnect on its own. The "Remember login information" option must be on when you login and the background service must be on to keep the app alive.
  • Some other improvements made, again together with PBX update.

It is important to mention that you should also update your PBX to 5.2.6 to have the latest App experience. As said in an earlier newsletter, the App is a glorified HTML5 web page that pulls most of the information from the PBX it is actually talking to. Thus the content of the PBX will show up in the app, and if you have an old version, well you will see that old PBX content even in version 1.1.

You can download the app from the Google play store.


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