What is Vodia Multi-tenant PBX?

The vodia's hosted PBX platform is an IP PBX telephone software with multi-tenant architecture built in. It can run on a single instance on the cloud or on the premise.Tenants on the PBX is a group of subscribers that share the resources on the software and each having their own dedicate domain and domain settings.Other PBXs on the market, need to run on a dedicated virtual machines to emulate a multi-tenancy environment costing you more money for every cloud instance and waisted resources, however with the Vodia IP PBX software only need to run one instance to run a complete multi-tenant solution. Supported operating system include Linux and Windows server edition.

The multi-tenant architecture in vodia IP PBX simplify the job of the administrator by design. The administrator can use the vodia DID management tool, add new DID numbers to extensions by domain or assign a domain administrator to manage their own domain without compromising other users on the system. You'll also enjoy the built in RPS feature for all the popular phones in the market like Yealink, Grandstream, Htek and snom.

Vodia hosted features

  • Security: Vodia supports TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2, DTLS, ZRTP SRTP
  • Private Branding: The PBX GUI interface can be customized to provide your company brand, branding features also includes support links found through out the system can be overwritten with your website link, including email images, header images, customer logo portal
  • Developer tools: Administrator can use the built in API which can be integrate to your company website.
  • Trunk Custom Headers: This is particularly useful if the trunk provider needs special parameters values in the SIP headers.
  • Phone Provisioning: Pick your phone device we'll provisioning it. Need to customize the phone? No problem use our built in phone templates.
  • Call detail records Call data records can be exported in a variety of different formats and work with other CDR software companies.
  • Call recording: Calls can be automatically recorded.

Vodia Multi-Tenant IP-PBX enables providers to deliver reliable features that customer want.

Key Benefits

Sell and manage voiceVodia does not ask for ramp up deadlines or target quota to be able to enjoy the multi-tenant experience, Pay as you go and grow. No startup cost or termination fees.
High Availability.The Vodia PBX can be hosted on a single server or on multiple VM servers to achieve both scalability and high Availability.
Features.Vodia has more user friendly features like call park,confrence room, disa, service flags, call redirection, feature codes and more.
Phone Provisioning The market now offers affordable desktop phones like Cisco 8800 series,Yealink, Grandstream, Vtech, Polycom, Fanvil, Htek. All phones are are provision-able under the vodia brand.
Build Your telco with Vodia.Our multi-tenant PBX can increase your ROI. With our low fee bare-bone model you could make up to 80% of revenue
Technical Support. Our Technical personal are accessible via the ticket system, SMS, one to one support emails and our forum. We take support very serious and our channel partner deserve the best experience possible.
Ready to try vodia?Sign up today and ask about our multi-tenant license and we will assign a license to your vodia account.