Single PBX Features

The bundles give you a great starting point getting the key features working for most offices. However not all offices are the same. If you need additional features, you can add them to your system.

You may even first try the additional features out; once they are working fine you may purchase them. This gives you a great safety that you get exactly what you need. You don't even have to restart your system for that.

Name Description Price
10 Extensions 10 additional extension licenses USD 449.00  
5 Extensions 5 additional extension licenses USD 249.00  
Auto Attendant Additional auto attendant license USD 39.00  
Conference Room Additional conference room license USD 79.00  
Hunt Group Additional hunt group license USD 49.00  
ACD Group Additional ACD group license USD 195.00  
Paging Account Additional paging account license USD 99.00  
Fax2Email License for Fax2Email conversion USD 299.00  
Automatic Recording License for automatic recording of inbound and outbound calls USD 995.00  
CSTA Support License for CSTA support for remote PBX control USD 495.00  
CRM Integration Customer relationship management-software integration USD 495.00  
UHLL Support License for for PMS integration with UHLL USD 795.00  
Call Barge In, Whisper, Monitor License for call barge in, whisper and monitor mode USD 295.00  
Cost Accounting License for trunk cost accounting and prepaid accounts USD 295.00  
10 Additional Calls License for 10 additional calls USD 49.00  
Additional DISA Account License for additional disa account (calling card) USD 99.00  
Additional Service Flag License for additional service flag USD 99.00  
Additional IVR Node License for additional ivr node USD 99.00