Anonymous Calls Codes

Block Caller-ID (*67)

Block Caller-ID (*67) allows users to keep their phone number and name hidden from the parties they call. It also prevents called parties from looking the user up in an address book and initiating a callback. Calls from one extension to another extension will not be affected by *67. These calls will always reflect the caller-ID.

  1. Dial *67 and press the confirm button on the telephone keypad.
    The user will hear an announcement indicating that the caller-ID will be blocked for all future calls.
    Note: Caller-ID is always presented for internal calls.
  1. Dial *68 to re-enable your caller-ID.

Reject Anonymous Calls (*88)

Users can reject anonymous calls by dialing *88 and pressing the confirm button.

To re-allow anonymous calls, users must dial *89 and press the confirm button.

Note: If a user has set Call Forward to busy condition, the system will forward anonymous calls to the designated destination (e.g., an assistant). This will ensure that the user’s anonymous calls are screened before the user takes the call. If the user has not set Call Forward to busy, the system will announce to the caller that the call cannot be taken because of the blocked caller-ID. Other options are available for handling anonymous calls, such as screening the calls or using the Ask for name setting.