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01-10-19, Company, Software, Hardware

Vodia and Bandwidth Announce End-to-End Business Grade VoIP Solution

Boston, Ma, (USA, October 1st, 2019), SIP Server Software Developer Vodia Networks today announced that they will be partnering with Bandwidth, a software company focused on communications for the enterprise. Vodia’s customers will now be able to select Bandwidth’s VoIP services to power voice calls on their business voice platform, as a fully integrated and compliant solution. The partnership creates outstanding quality of service (QOS) and a robust solution for Vodia’s customers.

“We’re very excited to welcome Vodia customers to Bandwidth’s business services,” said Noreen Allen, Chief Marketing Officer at Bandwidth. “Bandwidth’s powerful combination of network ownership and APIs means Vodia Networks can integrate their operational systems together completely with ours, giving their customers best-in-class VoIP calls, insight, and control. We’re excited about the unique solution that partnering with Vodia can provide for these businesses.” 

"We are proud to be working with a world class provider like Bandwidth as this gives our channel partners the ability to leverage their APIs to uncover even more opportunities while keeping call rates and quality at the forefront." said Kyle Asbury, Director of Sales and Marketing at Vodia Networks.

The solution is offered throughout North America, providing Vodia customers with voice, 911 access, local and toll-free numbers, and a rich set of business-focused features including employee level authentication keys, caller ID (at user, site, and account level), reservationless conferencing for up to 50 parties, and real-time billing and porting control. This is combined with a Windows based/ Linux, open standard PBX that is extremely simple to install and setup, yet includes a sophisticated set of business features. Resellers of the solution can enjoy one of the highest recurring annuity commissions in the industry.

About Bandwidth

Bandwidth (NASDAQ: BAND) is a software company focused on communications for the enterprise. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and RingCentral use Bandwidth's APIs to easily embed voice, messaging, and 911 access into software and applications. Bandwidth is the first and only CPaaS provider offering a robust selection of communications APIs built around their own nationwide IP voice network—one of the largest in the nation. More information available at

About Vodia Networks

Vodia has been a trendsetter in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry for over a decade.  Since 2006, Vodia has led the VoIP world in innovation and forward-thinking development, particularly with it's early adoption of a multi-tenancy platform for its customers. They were the first with this offering, and are still one of the very few that can deliver it.

Today, Vodia develops and provides leading-edge software for Unified Cloud Communications which are trending significantly on a global scale.  Their array of products and services - Vodia IO, Vodia IOP, and Vodia Single Tenant or Hosted PBX Software - position Vodia uniquely in that they can provide solutions for practically every type of business communications need. Additionally, their offerings are compatible with an unprecedented number of technologies including hard phones, softphones, API's for numerous third party SW and CRM systems.  

Vodia Networks maintains a global presence with offices in four countries. Localized information is available in Germany, France, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa.   

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Contact info: Kyle Asbury

Vodia Phone System is an award-winning software-based office phone system that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX. It has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows/ Linux  and the SMB market – making it easy to install and manage. Being based on the open SIP standard, the Vodia Phone system works with any SIP-based VOIP provider, VOIP gateway or phone. The product integrates easily with most business networks because it runs on Windows and Linux. The Vodia PBX comes with easy-to-use, built-in customizable templates for resellers looking to add extra value and visibility to their offerings. Options like these make Vodia a great choice for those resellers who are looking for a pain-free administrative experience while increasing the potential for larger revenue streams.