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Vodia partner program

PBX software is still a demanding technology. Although we try to make the installation, use and maintenance of the system as simple as possible, the learning curve for administrators cannot be neglected. For companies that want to use the PBX, it makes sense to have someone help that has done it before. This is where the Vodia partner program comes in.

Every major airline has their partner program. Those who fly often get higher boarding priorities and free luggage, those fly a lot get access to the lounge and the first row in their booked class and those who are practically living in airplanes get all the free upgrades and sometimes even rides in expensive cars when switching planes.

Being a Vodia partner you are not sitting in the first row; however it gets you better prices on license purchases. Depending on the status, you get a discount that your customers would not get for a one-time installation. This helps you as a reseller keeping healthy margins and it also helps you keeping the relationship with clients.

The following table shows the different levels for partnerships.


Reseller pricing with better margins for bundles and a-la-cart items (ask for details)
Bank wire purchases (no credit card required)
Reseller benefits on hostedi.am
Not-for-resale license for in-house use and demonstration
Access to Vodia X.509 certificates:
Demo license for hosted PBX


Login account on vodia.com
Linked Vodia partner logo on partner website
Purchase history with at least one PBX installation within the extension period
Initial status validity (months) 12 12 6
Automatic status extension (months) 6 4 2

For partner inquiries, just send an email to partner at vodia.com.

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