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Vodia PBX makes it easy to use snom phones

snom phones can be used in many environments. The large feature set has made snom phones one of the best known and recognized desktop phones in the industry.

Using the Vodia PBX for your phones promises you a seamless experience and reduced support overhead. Difficult-to-integrate features are easily accessed simply by using plug and play. snom phones are a great value, but the Vodia PBX IP-PBX carries them to a level that can't be beat. Relying heavily on the SIP protocol, Vodia PBX is open to other VoIP products, allowing you to combine best-in-class products.

Vodia PBX's sweet spot

The Vodia PBX is ideal for offices with as few as four to five users to as many as hundreds of users. The Vodia PBX fits best in areas where the installation size is too big for a hosted solution but too small to justify a large enterprise solution and the call volume does not justify a call center solution.

The ideas behind the Vodia PBX

The Vodia PBX was designed with certain goals in mind:

  • Open Standards. SIP is the generally accepted standard for making calls. snom decided on using SIP as early as 2000 and has kept it that way. Other well-known standards like HTTP, XML, and CSTA ensure maximum openness. Proprietary protocols have been minimized as much as possible but, to ensure compatibility with competitive features, have not been excluded together.
  • PBX Architecture. The PBX is a PBX. It does not attempt to be something else. Businesses expect a certain set of features from a PBX, and the architecture of the Vodia PBX ensures that those goals can be achieved. The product is easily configurable without having to know programming code or scripting languages. All features are ready to use.
  • Cell Phones. The Vodia PBX focuses on making mobile users as productive as possible, even when not using a smart phone with a data connection. Users driving in the car especially appreciate the features that are built in to the Vodia PBX.
  • Security and Stability. Maximum uptime, which adds tremendous value to a PBX, was one of our core design goals. Together with a suitable virtualization environment, the Vodia PBX can be protected against hardware failures, as well as the possibility of losing calls due to a hardware failure. The Vodia PBX uses standardized security features to ensure phone call privacy. Automatic denial of service detection, reporting, and defense make the Vodia PBX usable in environments where exposure of publically routable IP addresses is required.

Complement—Not Compete

We are living in a communication world of different standards, products and communities. Most people are using their telephone system, cell phones, Skype, Google voice and hangouts, Facetime, Microsoft Office 365/Lync, to name only a few—all at the same time. There is no contradiction having a video call with clients in the morning, an internal meeting on Microsoft Lync after that and then answering a phone call coming in on the company's main line. The Vodia PBX does not attempt to change this reality; instead it embraces it and focus on excellence in the business voice space.

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