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In an ever-increasing complex world, it is difficult to provide world-class products along the whole product range. This is why products that talk the same protocol language are replacing products that work only with products from the same manufacturer.

Ethernet is an example of a tremendous success story about interoperability. By agreeing on a connector, voltages, speed and pins, a whole new industry has developed where customers and manufacturer benefit from the fact that products from different vendors work hand in hand.

In the real-time communications industry things are not as simple, though. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the lighthouse standard for many products and services; however in the real life the interoperability quickly ends when it comes to advanced features like shared line appearances or even call parking and pickup. Because of this the Vodia PBX approach is more differentiated.

For the termination of calls to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through Internet telephony service providers (ITSP) or SIP gateways and for calls to basic devices such as analog terminal adapters (ATA), the used feature set in SIP is stable. Here the Vodia PBX uses the general-purpose SIP standard with great success. Customers are able to choose from different vendors a large range of devices and services that fit their needs the best.

For devices that are closer to the core, the Vodia PBX interprets and sometimes even extends the SIP standard in order to make complex features work without glitches. This is where it makes sense to use snom products instead of general purpose SIP devices. When it comes to desktop phones that go beyond a simple mailbox waiting lamp and a transfer, snom phones are the best choice for delivering the features of the PBX on the desk top. This way buttons can be programmed with PBX features, the address book integration is set up during the provisioning of the phones, and many of the powerful features of the snom phones become accessible without having to study the technical documentation of the phones.

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